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Recent content by Dytch

  1. Dytch

    ANNOUNCEMENT Grand 3.0 Release

  2. Dytch

    DENIED Applying for Media role on fierce pvp.

    -1 Reasons [-] Does no fit the requirements for FiercePvP [-] Has not uploaded a video on FiercePvP [-] You haven't uploaded anything in 2 months
  3. Dytch

    DENIED Apply for Partner

    Also you need to have a recording on FiercePvP before applying
  4. Dytch

    DENIED Apply for Partner

    Also, you do not just ask for just play a server for pay that is so dumb.
  5. Dytch

    DENIED Apply for Partner

    Media Application Format IGN: Age: Youtube URL: How many subscribers does your channel have?: How many views do you average per video?: How many video's have you uploaded on FiercePvP the last two weeks?: Timezone: Country: Do you have a good quality mic?: Do you have Teamspeak and...
  6. Dytch

    DENIED Strobbreie (NA Application)

    -1 Reasons [-] No staffing experience [-] Needs a lot more detail [-] Not suitable for FiercePvP [-] Can't contribute loads of hours [-] Very unorganized [-] No color coding
  7. Dytch

    DENIED Zentuhs Staff Application

    -1 Reasons [-] Barely any staff experience [-] Needs more detail [-] Not suitable for FiercePvP
  8. Dytch

    ACCEPTED Partner app

    0.5+ You need to upload at least 1 video on FiercePvP
  9. Dytch

    DENIED Dytch's Staff Applications

    Also, state why you do not think I am qualified for FiercePvP.
  10. Dytch

    DENIED Dytch's Staff Applications

    Like I've stated I've been higher ranks on other servers just didn't post b/c it looks useless since I have 0 proof of it. Second I've played HCF for a long time.
  11. Dytch

    DENIED Youtuber Rank Application

    Um why did you apply in here LMAO
  12. Dytch

    What are the recruirements for YT rank

    - Be Active - Non-toxic - Active channel - Have a vide or two on FiercePvP
  13. Dytch

    DENIED Youtuber Rank Application

    -0.5 You have 1 video on Fierce You barely upload