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Recent content by k3vlarrr

  1. k3vlarrr

    DENIED VapDaSimp Application [EU]

    -1 [x] Stated Above Good Luck
  2. k3vlarrr

    DENIED EgirlRain's Staff App

    -1 [x] Lacking Detail [x] Stated Above Good Luck
  3. k3vlarrr

    DENIED Melz's Staff Application

    -1 [x] Lacking Detail Good Luck
  4. k3vlarrr

    DENIED Deleted.

    -1 [x] All stated above
  5. k3vlarrr

    DENIED Zernah Staff Application

    Neutral [-] Lacking detail
  6. k3vlarrr

    DENIED Sadboss Staff Aplication

    -1 [x] All stated above
  7. k3vlarrr

    DENIED B0XIN's Staff Application [EU]

    +1 [+] Chill nice guy [+] Good detail
  8. k3vlarrr

    DENIED Sub's Staff Application!

    -1 [x] All stated above
  9. k3vlarrr

    DENIED Staff Application

    -1 [x] Lack of detail
  10. k3vlarrr

    DENIED Thewsomestgamer's Staff App

    -1 [x] Lack of detail
  11. k3vlarrr

    DENIED notsambo staff application

    -1 [x] Lack of detail
  12. k3vlarrr

    DENIED Jaquesse Staff Application

    -1 [x] All stated above
  13. k3vlarrr

    DENIED ygteck's staff application

    -1 [x] Lack of detail [x] Stated above
  14. k3vlarrr

    DENIED SmogX's Staff Second Application

    -1 [x] Lack of detail