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Recent content by mitright

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    DENIED Driftyz_ Staff application

    -1, poor grammar (doesnt capatalize I's etc)
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    My 5 Dollar Voucher

    Hello! Please join and join the Voucher Support Waiting Room for further support. Kind regards, mitright
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    DENIED Staff application

    -1, reasons stated above.
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    DENIED lensed's Media App

    -1, only uploads trailers. No HCF content to testify the "500 views"
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    false ban

    Hello! In order to appeal a ban, please go to the Punishment Appeal section here If you require any further assistance please join,
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    DENIED Slidinq Staff Application

    Although generally I don't like multiple colors, I feel like it actually did well in this application. Looks like he took time to do the application. Can't see negatives from a basic overlay
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    DENIED Dytch's Staff Applications

    Negatives: After reading his experience, it seems like he lacks experiences Throughout his experiences it isn't HCF based Experience was short, seems like not looking for long term Should keep it 1-2 colors instead of 3. " Professionalism Being professional is what a lot of staff manager seak...
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    DENIED T5Z's Staff Application [USA] [NA]

    6 people on HCDreams staff team, hard to believe. Also, considering he claims at AdeptMC there were too many hackers, that must prove that he's not willing to put in the hardwork and dedication that is required to become a FiercePvP staff member.
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    DENIED boxouts' Staff Application

    I didn't really find it as an argument, was just really pissed off to get demoted over that when I spent quite literally 24 hours on that server daily.
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    DENIED T5Z's Staff Application [USA] [NA]

    -1 too much spacing...
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    DENIED boxouts' Staff Application

    Again, as stated I don't agree with the demotion either but I didn't really find it comedic thought you were coming at me.
  12. M

    DENIED boxouts' Staff Application

    Regardless of the circumstance of the situation, you should never retaliate, that just shows a lack of self control and maturity and provoking them even more when you should've stopped right then and there, regardless if they ddosed or not. I understand your point but that doesn't set a good...
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    DENIED boxouts' Staff Application

    Neither of us would've gotten demoted if it didn't happen, it was a small reason and not severe/not staff related. But, it affected me cause if your comment wasn't said it wouldn't have happened. Just my honest thoughts. Also seems like a server hopper, the instant he got demoted at Viper he...
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    DENIED boxouts' Staff Application

    -1 Reason I was demoted at Viper was because of him, not attacking him but simply he decided to start an unwanted argument getting us both demoted. I disagree with demotion because it wasn't even an argument, however if it wasn't for him trying to start an argument/get me agitated it would've...