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  1. Yoroh

    Staff Application

    0.8 [+1] Completely agreeable staff nowadays are not given the chance to staff with no experience so therefore I think this man should be given a chance with a mentor. [-1] Could of put more effort into the application w/color scheme centering application etc. personally should be given a...
  2. Yoroh

    Br00klyn’s Staff Application | NA

    If it was 2 months ago I personally think you should be given a chance, shown you matured since then but I could be wrong. At the end of the day it's up to toggled as he does read the applications.
  3. Yoroh

    Br00klyn’s Staff Application | NA

    You don't have to be toxic to the man. Relax My opinion depending on how long ago he ws previously staff on FiercePvP I think he deserves a second chance everyone does. However abusing and saying how many pots etc is not acceptable at all. I feel like with a little training and a mentor WITH...