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  1. k3vlarrr

    DENIED k3v's Staff App

    ⚡IGN⚡ k3vlarrr 💣Age: 💣 14 💣Timezone:💣 BST 💣Country:💣 England 💣Do you own a quality microphone?💣 Yes I do. 💣Do you have Discord, Telegram, and Teamspeak?:💣 Yes I do. 💣Do you have any previous staff experiences?:💣 DesolateMC Rank:Owner This was a small server that I used to own with some...
  2. k3vlarrr

    DENIED Media Application (YT)

    IGN: k3vlarrr Age: 14 Youtube URL: How many subscribers does your channel have?: 47 How many views do you average per video?: 20-60 How many video's have you uploaded on FiercePvP the last two weeks?: Im editting...