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🍒-Extision Is Reqruiting For Kitmap-🍒


🎄Extision is Recruiting🎄
What we look for :
⚔Good PvPers⚔ [has to know how to play bard,diamond]
🕖Active [3-9h]🕖

🎙People with a Microphone🎙
🌹People who are Experienced in the HCF community🌹 [know how to snowball ninja star etc]
What we offer :

🌊Well managed Discord Server🌊
💥Non toxic community💥

🥵Ranks to Most Active players🥵
🍍Achivements: FTOP2 Kitmap🍍
[This faction has only played 1 map]
If Interested join this server go in application channel and write %apply