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DENIED aKastaar Staff Application

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New member
aKastaar (


Time zone:


Do you have a Quality Microphone? :
Yes, it delivers good quality.

Do you have Access to Telegram, TeamSpeak and Discord? :
Yes I do. Telegram: @aKastaar, Discord: aKastaar#0069, I have access to TeamSpeak.

How Many Hours Can You Contribute Daily? :
Around 2-4 hours a day. Some days 1 hour because of school or family problems.

Do You Have Any Punishments on the network? :
I was punished on kits, I'am false banned. I don't know why but I got false banned.

Any past staff experiences in being a Staff member? :
I've got past experience, I was staff at SenicPvP, I was Mod and I've banned much hackers there, I've also got much staff experience out of it, and it had around 100 members a day. I also was staff at PaxPvP, I was Admin and I had access to the anticheat, I got more staff experience out of this server, it also had 120 members a day. I'm also good at screensharing.

Why did you decide to apply for FiercePvP? :
It's one of the best servers in my opinion. I like the community, I like the staffteam, I like everything! I think I can help you guys to help the server and stop much hackers.

Why should we accept you over other Applicants? :
I'm overall a nice guy, I like helping people and I think I can help improve the server. I also have much staff experience and I can screenshare good. I love helping people with problems and just stop rule breakers.

Additional Information:
Thanks for reading my application, I hope you have a wonderful day.​
Not open for further replies.