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DENIED Cizz0 Trial Moderator application

Not open for further replies.


New member
IGN: Cizz0
(Put your current IGN and a link to you NameMC)

Age: 14 turning. 15 in 4 months
(Your Age needs to be 14+)

Time zone: AEST (Australian Eastern Standerd Time)
(Please give us your time zone. Ex EST or GMT+1 and so forward)

Country: Australia
(What Country are you from?)

Do you have a Quality Microphone? : Yes blue snowball ice
(You will need a working Microphone that is good quality)

Do you have Access to Telegram, TeamSpeak and Discord? : Yes but can’t use telegram atm
(You will need to have Access To all 3 of these Programmes)

How Many Hours Can You Contribute Daily? : 6-8
(Don’t put an amount that you know you won’t achieve)

Do You Have Any Punishments on the network? : yes
(please list all punishments you have, this will not affect you, if you show you have matured since then. You can check your punishments here -

Any past staff experiences in being a Staff member? : I have been staff on a couple smaller servers that average around 20 players and have banned a wide variety of people including hackers and toxic - racist people
(Please give details about what you did on those servers, For Example, Moderating Chat, Banning Hackers, Muting Chat Offenders and So forward.)

Why did you decide to apply for FiercePvP? : because I don’t like when staff take 2 hours to move you so I can make the community happier with more active staff teams
(Why did you apply for us instead of another big server, like VeltPVP, ViperMC or even Faithful?)

Why should we accept you over other Applicants? : Cuz I can grind
(Give us a reason why we should accept you, make sure to stand out.)

Additional Information: nope
(anything you’d like us to know about you.)


EU Staff Member
Staff member
Senior Mod
Lack of detail
[-] No staff experience.



Literally no detail whatsoever
[-] Lacking staff experience

Best Regards,
- Projectures (William)

Application Denied

Hello @ignHot, I've decided to deny your application due to the following reasons:

- Lack of detail
- Lack of experience
- Lack of playtime

You are eligible to reapply in 14 days

Not open for further replies.