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CpsGod - Staff Application.


Extremely High-Tier Staff Member

No need of adding way too many colors to the application, makes it worse than having one single color for every title imo.
Also fix up your fonts (bold) in some texts since it just makes it look like you made words bigger so the application looks bigger.

Other than that you did alright with detail and grammar, Good Luck



No need of adding way too many colors to the application, makes it worse than having one single color for every title imo.
Also fix up your fonts (bold) in some texts since it just makes it look like you made words bigger so the application looks bigger.

Other than that you did alright with detail and grammar, Good Luck
Thanks. I have changed up the colors and did my best to unbold everything even though I am at school right now. Thanks.


New member

I turned 14 about 2 months ago in December.

Time zone:

I am from Canada

Do you have a good Quality Microphone?:
Yes, I have a Razer Headset with a microphone.

Do you have access to Telegram, TeamSpeak and Discord:
Telegram: @CpsGodPVP
TeamSpeak: CpsGod
Discord: CpsGod#3620

How many hours can you contribute daily?:
Pretty much 4-5 Hours a day minimum.

Monday: 4-5+ Hours
Tuesday: 4-5+ Hours
Wednesday: 4-5+ Hours
Thursday: 4-5+ Hours
Friday: 4-6+ Hours
Saturday: 7-10+ Hours
Sunday: 5-8+ Hours

Do you have any punishments on the network?:
No I have never been banned from this Network.

Any past staff experiences in being a staff member?:

Server: PvPSurge- =-Helper-= - =-long time ago-= -

Rank: Helper

Reason for Departure: Server ShutDown.

Players: None the server didn't even release.
PvPSurge Proof

Other information about this server: I learn't a lot of stuff with some of the staff team because one of the staff members pretty much showed me the basics of SS'ing and had a lot of private strings. Since the server did not release I did not get the chance to get promoted or do anything that would help me improve as a Staff Member.

Server: RandomCraft- =-Helper-= - =-1/23/2021-= -

Rank: Helper

Reason for Departure: Resigned.

Players: 60 - 100
Click this VVV

Other information about this server: This server was all fun and the staff team was also chill but the server had a lot of bugs and just wasn't fun to staff on anymore since none of the staff members or Admins fixed any of these issues and didn't really do much. The community was also toxic whenever you resigned and just wasn't as fun as it used to be. I didn't learn to much out of this server but I did make some new friends along my staffing experience on this server and tried a new game mode to staff on.

Server: AstralMc =-Trainee 2/9/2021 -= =- Trial-Mod 2/11/2021 -= =- Mod 2/13/2021 -=

Rank: Mod

Reason for Departure: Resigned.

Players: 250 - 650 .
Click these for the proof.
Most players.

Other information about this server: This server was very fun and I was really dedicated. It was a Spanish server which me and my friend where the only English Staff Members. One of the reasons I joined the server was to practice some Spanish. The community was nice and also a lot of nice staff members that helped me when I was new to the staff team but then after a while of staffing I got anoyed that I was one of the only English staff members and resigned. I had a fun time and learned so much from the server such as. How to (SS), What to do in some situations on Teamspeak with a player and much more...

I have been staff on many smaller servers but did not take the time to screen shot them since I was actually focusing on helping the servers community and was trying my best to learn a lot from doing so.

Why did you decide to apply for FiercePvP?:

I decided to apply on FiercePvP because I see a huge success in this server it is not just because the server is a success that I want to be staff but in other words make this server an even bigger success. I also play with a lot of my friends and I would love to help all the players when they have any questions about the server or they have been killed by a hacker / bug. Another reason I have applied on Fierce is that I really want to help the server with for example: Building, Tickets, Support rooms and much more. There's a way more important reason that I applied for this server and it is that I want to help players I mean staffing on this server would be fun but it is actually a pretty difficult job as I have experienced on Larger and Smaller servers. I've also loved playing on this server since I saw that this server was one of the few servers that had Skyblock and KitMap / HCF I just find that very creative to mix SkyBlock and KitMap / HCF into one server. A better reason of me wanting to Apply for FiercePvP is that I see a lot of Hackers / Cheaters very frequently on the server and you guys accepting me would make the numbers of Cheaters hopefully decrease because I can be always active and I am decently good at Screen Sharing and would rate myself a 7/10. I would also love to help the server out with Updates and maybe future Event ideas or maybe even help the server's reputation by being one of the most active staff members and being very nice and respectful to the Players and Staff members. For the second last reason I have decided to apply for FiercePvP today is that I really do think I would be a good fit for becoming a staff member since I have learned a lot from other smaller server and some big servers which would make me capable for the Staff Member rank since I know most of the staff commands and also know when I the time is right to use the staff commands. For the last reason I have decided to apply is that I think there are a lot of issues on the server and I would like to, if possible help with anything that there are because if I do become staff I would try my best to be as active as I possibly can and also try to inform you guys about any bugs if ever I do find any bugs or game breaking stuff and also this isn't really important but I also want to try to make friends during my time as a Staff on FiercePvP if ever I do get accepted.

This is what I have learned from all kinds of servers:

I have learned how to deal with situations by myself and be mature with other players.
I learned to Screen Share a bit and know when to be Funny and other times when to be professional.
I have also learned overall the staff commands and what to do when a player has an issue of some sort.

Why should we accept you over other applicants?:

I think what drives me apart from other applicants is that I truly want to help the community, me wanting to help the community I will do all sorts of things such as: Talking to the players, doing Teamspeak support rooms with other players or staff members and a lot more stuff I could list. I also have a lot of staff experiences on a lot of smaller
servers but I did not take the time out of my day to take a screen shot of them because I was busy staffing on the servers and focusing on the community and the reputation of the server.
Another great reason that I think I should be accepted over another applicant is that I have a lot of great qualities and a lot of maturity, I am respectful, I'm also patient and a lot more qualities that I will list below this section after I am done. I am also
very familiar with the staff commands and can deal with situations from another player whenever they have a question or is reporting something to the other staff members.
Another thing that drives me apart from other applicants is that I have a lot of free time which will allow me to be very active as a staff member
and I can be in every staff meetings if there are any or even be on for every SOTW or EOTW ( I will be sure to tell you guys if ever I have to take some days off for private reasons ) . For the last reason I think you should accept me over other applicants is that I have a lot of unique stuff about me that I would really love to show or prove to you guys if ever I do get the opportunity to get that chance.

Here I will list all my qualities:

1. Mature
For example, I am in a support room with a players and
he needs help with something I will try my best to help
the player and if I cannot give him the help he asked for
I will ask a higher staff I also find this quality important because you need to be mature
whenever you are in a support room with a player or partner/staff.

2. Patient
I find this quality very important because when staffing
you have to be patient with players and even staff members in support rooms or in other calls..
I also find this quality important because when you are
talking to a player that has a problem you have to be patient.

3. Respect
Whether I like a player or not I will treat all players and
Staff members the same way that I treat everyone else.
I find this quality important because you always need
to be a respectful staff member towards players
when becoming a staff member or even when
you are a normal player. This is very important
because it is pretty much a sign of maturity
when you are showing respect towards
another player.

4. Attitude
Whenever I staff I take it seriously sometimes when
I staff I know when I can have fun and joke around
and when I have to be serious and do my job as
a staff member and always have a good amount of maturity
when talking to other players in chat or anywhere else.

5. Funny
This is not a very important quality but I still
felt like listing it because it is still a quality
and I think this is also one of the reason I am
fun to the communities players and to the staff members.
You also have to have some humour and some fun while staffing right?

6. Concentrated
I find this quality more important than the other qualities
since you need to be a very concentrated staff member when
you are dealing with a situation with a player/partner or a
staff member. I also think this quality can benefit the staff team because like I said before you need to be very concentrated as a Staff Member.

7. Screen Sharing.
As I have said before on my "why did I apply on fierce" I would rate myself a 7/10 since I know a decent bit on how to SS but of course I am still not all that good and would love to learn if ever I do become a FiercePvP staff member. I know simple SS stuff which I have learned from either Headed or other Staff video's from other random youtubers. I find this important because
whenever you are staffing you have to know how to SS when you either freeze a player
or when you are looking for something else.

8. Fast typer
" Why I think this is an important quality" whenever you are helping a player you always need to give them the fastest support so they will not be bored and after a while leave the server because no staff or players are responding to their questions. I also find this qualitie important because when you are responding to a Ban-Appeal or anything else you will have to type some stuff fast but not to fast or else you will make some spelling mistakes which I never make.

Additional Information:
I am very nice and chill and I will try my best to make this server a better environment which means try my best to make it a Hacker / Cheater free server and also will try to give Staff members some ideas that will make the server way more amusing for the players. I also would like to help the players that would possibly be future active staff members or Youtubers. One more thing I ask is just take your time to read through my application and no hard feelings if I get declined just remember I will continue to re-apply until I get accepted :). This is my own application and I did not copy anyone and also I can follow all the staff rules and or player rules when I am either playing on the server or staffing. I also follow all the staff guides and punishment guides while I am staffing.

2,105 words 10,897 characters
-Toxic to everyone
-Toxic to friends
-I staffed with him before, wasn't a pleasant experience