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Ex-Staff Abuse, Yean Blatantly Cheating, & SC1 Allying For ./f top 1. - Quitting Fierce If Nothings Done About It :)

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Banned Then Unbanned ^.

Jumbow & Guessed allied at conquest, proof that jumbow is friends / allying with them ^.

All proof of him using a KB modifier ^, quitting fierce with a famous rank, partner rank & with jasonchillout if there's nothing done about this. We've lost countless f top payouts because of people kill boosting, blatantly cheating or allying. This server is corrupted, it's not even fucking funny. Unluckily abused for 2-3 maps straight, tping people to koths and killing people on purpose to refund them their stuff so they doubled it. This staff team is horrific, they've banned and unbanned for false reasons and old clips. No wonder why quantum quit this server and went to fucking sage, the staff team is a fucking joke.
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New member
I already was punished for these videos idk why you keep making new forum posts about it
I got rebanned after this happend and points removed


Staff member
Hello KRIT, we have received several reports about this player and we are investigating it still, if you have any further questions give me a message on telegram @Gizmoh.

Many Thanks - Gizmoh
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