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ANNOUNCEMENT FiercePvP Fall Update 🍁 - The Rebirth


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FiercePvP Fall Update 🍁 - The Rebirth

Our team, alongside the help of others, have worked tremendously hard to bring new, innovative ideas to HCF. We believe The Rebirth will modernize the HCF and bring new, innovative ideas in which we are proud to present as unique, and most importantly, exceedingly fun. This update has not only brought several improvements to the Network; however, various large and small features. We hope to see you all there on this glamorous Fall Update! We're beyond excited to bring this one to you, we promise, it will be great!

Video Link:

If you would like to reupload the trailer, we would truly appreciate you! In return, please contact @SachaPvP on Telegram, and I will give you keys for your kind efforts regardless of your views ❤
The download/information link can be found here.

Feature List

New Mini-Events
Black Market Event

- During this event, you are able to obtain rare items that aren't available outside of the Black Market
Bed Bomb Event
- Place a bed during this event to cause an explosion in the Overworld, Nether, and End
Anarchy Event
- All factions are set to infinite DTR throughout the event
Boss Battle Event
- During this event, summon a random mob boss in your base to obtain OP loot upon killing it
Mayhem Event
- Mayheeeeeem! During this event, all players receive Speed 3 and Strength 1
Ability Event
- Throughout the duration of this event, all bows are teleportation bows (where your arrow lands, you go), all rods turn into grapple hooks, and there is no enderpearl cooldown!
X2 Event
- All creepers drop x2 GP, enderman drop x2 enderpearls, and ores drop x2 valuables throughout this event

Revamped Crates
- Revamped Event Crate
- New Halloween Crate
- New Lotan Crate
- New Zomak Crate
- New Typhon Crate
- New Autumn Crate
- Revamped Lootbox Crate
- Introducing Airdrops 2.0
- New OP Package

New Rank
- Introduction of NEW Phoenix Rank!

- New and improved Gkit menu
- New Phoenix Gkit

- Pearls, pearls, pearls!
- Fixed Chat Reaction
- Removed pots from God Kit
- Removed Pots from Hero Kit
- Changed cooldown from 24 hours to 48 hours for: Diamond, Bard, Archer, Rogue, and Miner (excludes Warrior Gkits)
- Updated webstore
- 1.8 players can no longer see invis names

- New Spooky Prefix
- Brand new hub, and completely new, impressive builds
- Revamped Reclaims
- New statistics holograms for HCF
- Added /f focus to enhance PvP
- New friends system (/friend)

Kits (Saturday, October 24th) @ 12 PM EST
- 15 Man factions
- No Allies
- $70 BuyCraft F-Top

💰Swift (Sunday, October 25th) @ 12 PM EST
- 5 Man factions
- No Allies
- $100 PayPal & $100 BuyCraft F-Top

💝NEW Phoenix Rank Giveaway + $50 PayPal
🏹 Enter Here:
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Sounds great, let’s see if we actually get OP cps with reclaim this season tho like it advertises 😂