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FiercePvP's Anniversary Update | February 20th - 1 PM EST


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It's hard to believe Fierce has always been up this long already. I still remember the day we had our first maps. A lot has happened since then. Ever since we released Fierce, we had the intentions to expand the network into all a community of multiple game modes, which is what we have been trying to do for a while now.

Enough backstory.. The long awaited FiercePvP Anniversary update is now HERE! ($900+ in rewards!!!)

All punishments (including blacklists) have been reset for this update.


Dates / Info

- Saturday 1 PM EST
- Faction Top Rewards: $150 PayPal
- Faction Size: 15 Man Factions, No Allies
- SOTW Timer: 45 Minutes

- Saturday 3 PM EST
- Island Top Rewards: $300 PayPal
- Island Size: Upgradeable

- Sunday 12 PM EST
- Faction Top Rewards: $100 PayPal
- Clan Size: 5 Man Clans, No Allies
- SOTW Timer: 45 Minutes

- Sunday 1 PM EST
- Faction Top Rewards: $400 PayPal
- Faction Size: 6 Man Factions, No Allies
- SOTW Timer: 3 Hours (after 2 hours you may use /sotw enable)

New Features

Faction Wars

Hosted once per map, log on with your faction and prepare to battle other factions in a bracket/tournament styled competition. Loot will be provided by our fully automated system, allowing you to choose kits, register for the event, etc.

Nightmare Event
Drink a potion of dreaming and sleep in a bed during this event to be teleported to a Nightmare arena. In this arena, you must battle and complete 9 stages and collect gems for the final stage in order to complete the event.

Yellow Recolor
The Network has been fully recolored to a beautiful gold and yellow theme. We believe this will be much more appealing to the eyes. We can't wait for you all to see how amazing this looks.

All builds are brand new for this update. This includes a new hub, spawns, koths, palaces, conquests, and much more.

New Token System
Wanting to bring a larger incentive to participating in events on HCF, we've now fully completed and designed our token system and implemented it across the network. You can do many different things with tokens!

Blacklist, Ban, & Mute Reset
Giving everyone a fresh start, we've decided to clear ALL punishments. This will never happen again. Don't blow it. THIS HAS COMMENCED AT THE TIME OF RELEASE OF THIS POST!

Reintroduction of SkyGods (SkyBlock)
It's time... SkyGods is back. The map information is provided above under the "Dates" category.

Reintroduction of KitPvP (1.0)
After finally finalizing our BETA stages of KitPvP, we are ready to fully release our 1.0. We've added a lot since, including various events to make the server more interesting, redone many things, and improved the gameplay tremendously. In my opinion, this is the best KitPvP server out there at the moment. The map information is provided above under the "Dates" category.

Multiple Fixes, Optimizations, and Improvements Across the Network
As we always strive to make Fierce the most enjoyable, we've gone through and optimized various different assets of our network, and balanced/fixed/improved many different aspects of the server. We hope you like it :) <3



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