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ACCEPTED HotGurl - Builder Applications

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New member
IGN: HotGurl

Discord: HotGurl#8505

Do you have Teamspeak?: Yes

Telegram: HotGurl420
Past Work (Portfolio): Spawn Build -, Spawn Build -, Cactus Prac Map -, End Prac Map -, Road Build -, Snake Koth - , Terraforming/Terrain - , LightHouse Koth - , Desert Koth - , Sand Castle Koth - , Hub -, End -
Past Servers?: VeltPvp, SagePvp, Cavepvp, and some smalls servers.
Work Rate (How Much do you build per week): I can spend about 7-8 hours a day for a week or whatever fits you guys doesn't matter to me, I'm free all the time.
How much Dedication will you put into the Build Team?: I will do my best to be the most active and most useful builder. I've improved even more on my building skills and I hope I become even better at building.
Why do you want to build for FiercePvP?: I have played FiercePvp for a little while and I have enjoyed my time and I would love to become a builder and help the community. I also want to build my experience with the staff and the builders and I would like to know the builders more and work together on a new Hub, Spawn, or even make new Koth's that will help the players have a more interesting perspective on the server. I could also talk to the players and get some suggestions and make it happen.
Additional Comments: Thank You
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Active member
I know him personally
And overall is a great builder, out of his own enjoyment he builds for us on HCF and I feel he could build a lot of cool stuff on this server.
Good Experience.


BiG BoY HeaD BuildeR
Head Builder

After reviewing your application I am delighted to announce that you have been Accepted
Please join TeamSpeak with -Plasma next to your name

- Plasma
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