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ACCEPTED Italian translator

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New member
What is your IGN?
(Include NameMC Link)
My IGN is BabyShades

How old are you?
(Age 13 or order)
I'm 16 Years old.

How many languages can you speak?
(List the languages you can speak)
I can speak English(Obviously)And Italian.

Are you fluent in these languages?
(State if you are fluent in the languages listed above)
Yes i can fluently speak both of these languages.

Do you have previous experience in translating?
(List your previous experiences in translating)
Well i was translator on ViperMC and on Minemenclub(i was staff and automatically translator)
Like most of my translator Experiences are on the server where i was staff because I had automatically translator on them.

Are you currently banned on the server?
(Do you have any active punishments on the server?)
No i don't have any active punishments and i never had one.

Any additional information?

Well i lost proof about ViperMC so i can be a bit untrusted but i can still fluently speak English and Italian.​
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Not open for further replies.