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IMPORTANT Punishment Appeal Format

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Punishment Appeal Format

*NOTE* Ban Appeals can take between 1-3 Days, Ban Appeals


(In Game Name)

Were you Banned or Muted?:
(Banned Or Muted)

Reason for Punishment?:
(Please State What Exactly it Says for Reason. Ex. Cheating #MS-2)

Server you got banned on?
(HCF, Kitmap, Practice etc..)

What Is The Duration Of Your Punishment?:
(How Long is your Punishment. 1Minute, 1Day, 1 Week, etc.)

Do You Plead Guilty Or Innocent?:
(Are You Guilty Or Innocent)

What were you doing when you got banned?
(Walking On Stairs, Jumping Around, Killing Someone In A 1x1, ...)

Any Evidence of your Punishment being false?:
(Any Valid Proof For This Punishment Appeal.)

Any Information Regarding Your Ban?:
(Anything we should know before we make a decision)
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