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ACCEPTED SimplyHCF's Builder application

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New member
IGN: simplyHCF
(In-game-name - Provide NameMC link)

Discord: SimplyHCF#8576
(Provide your discord Tag)

Do you have Teamspeak?: Yes
(Stage whether you have access to TeamSpeak)

Telegram: @simplyHCF
(Provide your telegram @)

Past Work (Portfolio): Portfolio link does not work ( use the ibb links )
(Provide a link to previous builds you have done - No portfolio = Denial)

Past Servers?: I have built for ClockWoks, SkyHCF, MythHCF, and VonicMC.
(What servers have you worked for in the past)

Work Rate (How Much do you build per week): 14-28 hours per week.
(How much work will you be able to put in per week?)

How much Dedication will you put into the Build Team?: I will be very dedicated and active to the build team. I will try to be on every day for a good amount of time and complete any project that's needed to be done. I will manage my time wisely and efficiently to make sure what needs to be done is done.
(How dedicated will you be towards the build team?)

Why do you want to build for Flairs?: I want to build for Fierce because for the amount of time I have been on fierce I have really enjoyed it. I also really enjoy being apart of a build team and I know I will be able to do more builds and get better at building if I'm on a build team. I chose this build team because things here seem organized and well managed and I'm sure that I will be a good part of the build team here.
(State a reason why you want to build for Flairs)

Additional Comments: Thanks for reviewing my application.
(Anything you want to say before we make our decision?)
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BiG BoY HeaD BuildeR
Head Builder

After reviewing your application I am delighted to announce that you have been Accepted
Please join TeamSpeak with -Plasma next to your name

- Plasma
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