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Hey everyone!

In this post I will be discussing the most important things about our new realm: skygods.

First of all, I hope all of you are as hyped as me!

I'm feeling generious today, first one to use code: "hyperion" whilst checking out get's a 100% discount! goodluck <3

Alright let's begin with our amazing features:

Dungeons: Speaks for itself! Get a team up to 5 players, and survive every wave, slay all the monsters and bosses and receive amazing rewards whilst doing it!

Mines: Go to get minerals, but beware, they may be monsters that might sneak up behind you...

Shards: Obtain shards by killing mobs, each mob gives a random amount of shards, the higher tier the mob is, the more shards you may receive, use shards to purchase rare items such as: sell wands, CE Books, Crate Keys, Money Pouches, Ranks, lifetime perks and much more!

Minions: Let them do the dirty work for you!
1. Farmer: automatically farms all crops for you, also replants them.
2. Miner: Mines anything that's infront of him
3. Collector: Collects every item that's dropped
4. Slayer: Slays mobs (autogrinder)
5. Fisher: Fishes
(these minions are upgradable, the higher the level is, the better they do their job!)

Chat Reaction: every 10 minutes, a word will be put in chat (possibly scrambled) first one to type it, receives a free crate key!

Fallen Treasure Event: love to pvp with other players on the server? Take part of the fallen treasure event, 15 treasures will drop in the pvp arena, be the first one to redeem whilst fighting your enemies!

Ecenomy: Everything is possible to get rich on skygods, do you rather fight till your richdom? Take apart of the fallen treasure event every hour, or grind the dungeons with your teammates!

Do you rather grind and build on your island? Begin with a simple generator, and work your way up, take apart of the chat reaction as much as you can! Try to get spawners, and set yourself up a grinder -> grinding also means shards ;)

There's so much more, but I think i'm gonna leave that as a suprise for you guys! :)

I hope to see everyone online, Saturday at 2PM EST on SkyGods

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Much Love,

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