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IMPORTANT Staff Application Format

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Staff member
(Put your current IGN and a link to you NameMC)

(Your Age needs to be 14+)

Time zone:
(Please give us your time zone. Ex EST or GMT+1 and so forward)

(What Country are you from?)

Do you have a Quality Microphone? :
(You will need a working Microphone that is good quality)

Do you have Access to Telegram, TeamSpeak and Discord? :
(You will need to have Access To all 3 of these Programmes)

How Many Hours Can You Contribute Daily? :
(Don’t put an amount that you know you won’t achieve)

Do You Have Any Punishments on the network? :
(please list all punishments you have, this will not affect you, if you show you have matured since then. You can check your punishments here -

Any past staff experiences in being a Staff member? :
(Please give details about what you did on those servers, For Example, Moderating Chat, Banning Hackers, Muting Chat Offenders and So forward.)

Why did you decide to apply for FiercePvP? :
(Why did you apply for us instead of another big server, like MCCentral, Invadedlands, MunchyMC etc?)

Why should we accept you over other Applicants? :
(Give us a reason why we should accept you, make sure to stand out.)

Additional Information:
(anything you’d like us to know about you.)
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Not open for further replies.