IMPORTANT Staff Application Tips and Requirements

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Jan 5, 2020
Welcome to the Staff Applications, if you believe you have what It takes to become a staff member on FiercePvP, make sure to apply. Be sure you meet the requirements before applying, and please make sure to put as much detail as you can in your applications as it will give you a greater chance of being accepted. Also please do not plagiarise work as we will find out if your Application is plagiarised and we will Instantly Deny Your Application.
Good luck with your future application


You must be the age of 14 or older.
You Must Not Have Any Previous Punishments on the network in the past Month.
You must be able to record at a decent resolution at 60FPS (720p 60FPS).
You must have Telegram, TeamSpeak and Discord.

Q: Do I need to be 14 when I apply?
A: Yes, you need to be 14 or older when you apply, this is for maturity and life experience Reasons

Q: How long do I have to wait till I apply again?
A: After being Denied Wait a Minimum of two weeks before applying again

Q: Will I get denied because of my previous punishments?
A: You won’t get denied because of your previous punishments if you can show you have matured since then.

Q: Can I get a Staff Member to review my application?
A: DO NOT ask a staff member to review your application as it can result in an instant DENIAL of your application.

When writing you application make sure to be as honest as possible, if you are lying in your application you will be denied. Make sure to add small details into your application in areas such as

“Any past staff experiences in being a Staff member?” Small details like what you did on the server like banning hackers, muting Chat offenders, etc.

“Why did you decide to apply for FiercePvP?” For this question explain in detail why you picked FiercePvP over other popular servers, like Faithful, VeltPvP or ViperMC.

“Why should we accept you over other Applicants?” This Question is crucial to answers as this is where you explain to us why we should accept you over someone else by explaining your skills, life skills and experience and how you would deal in certain situations.
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