Sxyni's staff application for Chat-Mod


New member
Feb 4, 2023
IGN (In-Game Name): Sxyni
Age: 15
Region (NA/EU/Other): EU (GMT)
Do you have any previous staff experience? (Proof): No, sorry.
Why would you like to become a staff member?: I would like to help the community out and I also would like to try and gain staff experience on a dedicated server.
If accepted, how would you improve the player's experience?: I would be able to help out a lot of people because I know a lot about the server and what is wrong and what is right.
Why should we accept you over another applicant? I am very active but I do have to go to school so I cannot be as active as other staff members but I also know a lot about the server and I used to play the server when HCF was very popular. I haven't been punished on the server and am friendly with most players on the server.
Can any current staff members vouch for you?: (optional)
How active can you be (Hours per day): 4 on weekdays (8 on weekends/school holidays)
What is your telegram @?: I don't have telegram, but if I need it, I can sign up for it.
What is your discord @?: SxY#4496
Additional Information (optional)?: Thanks for looking at my application
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