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tcftw - Staff Application (2021)


New member

Very good staff member. Owned 2 servers he was staff at and have staffed with him as well. Very professional and truly cares about the servers.


New member
IGN: tcftw
tcftw | Minecraft Profile | NameMC

I am currently 13, but I turn 14, in one week, hope that doesn't matter that much, as I am mature for my age.

Time zone:

England, United Kingdom

Do you have a good Quality Microphone?
Blue Yeti Nano.

Do you have access to Telegram, TeamSpeak and Discord:
Telegram: Tedkk
Teamspeak: ted<3
Discord: tcftw#0409
How many hours can you contribute daily?:
Note this is in GMT time.
Monday: 9:30-6:30pm
Tuesday: 9:30-2am
Wednesday: 9:30-2am
Thursday: 9:30-2am
Friday: 9:30-2am (more depending on how I feel on the day.)
Saturday: All day.
Sunday: All day.

Do you have any punishments on the network?:
I got false banned on kits before, But talked to it with Sacha, and he said it was a 100% false ban.
Proof:d.jpg (

Any past staff experiences in being a staff member?:
650 SOTW
As I am english, it was very hard for me to get alot of support rooms, this experience still showed me how to be a better staff.
Gyazo - Screenshot I took when I got promoted to Mod.
I learnt alot on Astral, the people there were very experienced peoople there and taught me thing's such as screensharing tips, and even just how to sound more polite in support rooms, which is a good skill to have.

SerpentRIP + Build Manager (Known Server, Known Owners)
150 SOTW.
Resigned as server, wasn't going in the right direction.
PC Reset
Server was the first one I built for, gave me tips there + helped me ALOT with screensharing.

VyrixUS (Very known, big youtubers as owners)
100 SOTW
owner's fell out, and argument's happend among the staff team.
dismadical proof.jpg (
Owner's were experienced + the SS manager Sequos, offered me tips on ssing, which I really at the time needed.

HCVALUX (Decent staff team, and very active management)
70 Max SOTW
Server closed.
dismadical proof.jpg (
This was one of the first servers I staffed on, this just taught me how to be a staff, and end off, HCValux helped me alot.

Nation HCF (Good management)
60 SOTW.
Server closed.
PC Reset.
This server, although very small had a non-toxic community, which I enjoyed.

Ripple HCF (Gave me the opportunity no one did)
40 SOTW One Map
PC Reset.
Server kept dying, and I gave them chances, tried to help them, but they wouldn't listen, and I decided to resign.

Overall of What I have learned from these Servers

Screensharing Players On My Own + Becoming SS Verified on Nearly All of the Servers here.

How to deal with situations that I would never of known when I was a little staff member on small servers.

I played a bit like a year ago, so I know how I can fix the problem, as I have been in the players situation sometime.

Why did you decide to apply for FiercePvP?:
Fierce, was one of the server's I played when I came back to HCF after a year, and the server was a great server, I always thought of applying, but never really had the courage, I always thought that I would get declined because I always saw fierce as a HUGE SERVER!
I still kept staffing on servers and applied on AstralMC, where I got accepted, I was there for a decent while till Mod, and after that well that's where I am right now, applying, I always have liked fierce, It has been out for around a year and a half, and I have been there and purchased ranks, (Hero) And Enjoyed the server, as I no longer, really play HCF, I decided I would do staffing. and of course. I would love to make the return to fierce, as it's a wonderful server, I have met al ot of the staff on the team, and I think that I can do a good job. no matter whatever happens, I grind for things, I will always have a passion for things I want to do and staffing on fierce is a role I have always wanted to fufill, If I become staff, I will Fufill the role as a staff on fierce, to the best of my ability, and another big goal, is HCF is very NA Based. and I want to make it more enjoyable for EU players, I am an EU player, and when I log on at around 8-9am, for example, I would go PvP on Kitmap, and I would get Bhopped and because there are no staff on at that time, it makes people leave the server. I would like to make it way more enjoyable for EU players, as what I have recently noticed, is that at like 4-5am NA time, and around 10am UK/EU time, nobody is online, maybe if there are active EU staff on, people would come on, have a good time. and make the server a better place for EU players. I am also VERY! active, I play a lot, but of course understand the importance of exercise and getting of the game to hang out with family.
I don't take staffing as a hobby, I use it as something to improve myself, as a person, and myself a staff member. I have staffed for over 3 years, and I know how to get a Job done. I have met a lot of staff friends over my time, and If I get accepted, will hopefully make a lot new memories with friends on fierce. I am also would consider myself a sociable guy, I'm not afraid, although I sound decently young, talk to people, I don't get angry that much, and when I do get angry, I would either leave the support room and ask a other staff member to deal with the issue, or if there are no staff on at the time, move them out, and make them wait longer, this may give them a bad review but I think this move is quite essential, as if you get mad in a support room, big chance the player will record, you send to a Manager and get you demoted.
I also think in some sense, I am creative and can brainstorm some ideas in the future if I move higher up the system.
I respect the owners of the server and also am active viewer of many partners on the network, I have made the descision months ago to start thinking about applying on fierce, and never had the confidence. I respect anyone who plays the server, and I want to make the community a less toxic place, which I know alot of people pledge to do and most of them haven't done but I will always try my best to be the best of my ability, and I think that is another big reason why I think I stand out, I know this was a very long part of the application, and right now I am just mumbling stuff out at this point, I hope you enjoy the rest of my application and thank's for reading this far.

Why should we accept you over other applicants?:

I have always known how to Screenshare, while staffing on server's stated above, many people and friend's have helped me to become a better SSer.
I am 100% capable of being able to find a hacked client on other peoples computers, I won't say I'm the best, but definitely looking for improvement's in the near future, Just like any other person. nobody can be the best SSer, people can say all they want But I am here to learn and become better at SSing, just like some of the other Trial-Mods.

alot of people in the community think that because of my age, I will be extremely annoying, and very irresponsible, I personally think I am responsible for my age, and can take a challenge like any other person who is older than me. and can take it and most likely (depends who they are) do the job to the best of my ability, I am decently clever in school, and at the current moment, am not doing alot of school, which gives me way more time for staffing. I also know how to take a joke, and I know when to make a joke, which I find a key aspect of staffing, and some servers will be tighter than others.


The HCF Community, some have different thoughts, I don't play HCF like the game-mode, that much But I understand how to play, I am never really toxic. but of course, everyone has there temper tantrum moment, I have never threatened to ''dox'' a player, and completely against that type of stuff, Of course people can be toxic in the community, but as stated above, even IF I wanted to ''dox'' somebody, I am completely useless in that type of genre and never want to come of being useless in that department.


Although, I am EU, I grind NA Time zones. , I can normally be seen messaging friends, family at like 3am, as I want to put up the grind in order for me to be promoted. Activity is really important to me, as I want to become a better staff, and become a higher role. I will 100% be active, and willing to work like many other people for a promotion.


I can always be relied on to be professional , I love to take a joke, but at certain times, I know theres a place and a time to be professional and a time to mess around. But when I am not staffing, I am becoming a better person/staff, and the best thing, having fun.


I would call myself a decently patient guy, when I got pending for cave around 1 month ago, I had to wait in ts at dodgy times for me, but It ended up taking around 4 weeks before I stopped coming into teamspeak, I hope this is very different on fierce, haha.


I am non-biased, on all the servers I follow rules, I follow staff guides, and over 3 years of staffing, never ''abused'' for a player, I belive every single player should be treated the same, (expect they have a rank) and Just because they are ''friends with an admin'' should not give them any sort of boost in the system.

Additional Information:
Thank you for reading my staff application, feel free to send feedback and I can't express how much I would love this opportunity.

I have never been demoted on any server I have staffed on.

Just realized this whole app is 1,757 words and its 2 am right now. :-:

- Not toxic in game and chill.
- Overall a fun nice guy.
- Have staffed with him and can say he is a good staff.