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track's staff application


New member
trackxddd -


Time zone:

United States

Do you have a good Quality Microphone?:
I think my mic sounds good enough

Do you have access to Telegram, TeamSpeak and Discord:
I have all 3 of these programs
My telegram @ is @dsadsaaas
My Discord is Shadow#0666

How many hours can you contribute daily?:

  • Monday- 5 Hours
  • Tuesday- 5 Hours
  • Wednesday- 6 Hours
  • Thursday- 5 Hours
  • Friday- 7 Hours
  • Saturday- 8 Hours.
  • Sunday- 5 hours.

Do you have any punishments on the network?:
I do not have any previous punishments

Any past staff experiences in being a staff member?:
I do not have any staff experience but I do have a lot of hcf experience as I do play teams a lot and squads.

Why did you decide to apply for FiercePvP?:
Past few months, I have been losing interest in playing HCF as a regular player, and I really like stuff like screen-sharing. I'll be online for any Citadel and as many koths as possible. I'll be watching for cheaters, and if anyone needs help, I'll be there to help. I have the experience to make a good staff member, and I believe if I dedicate my time to my staff series and the server. I will be promoted to Mod quickly. Fierce has a decent size player base which is good to start a staff series and try and get promoted, when there are more players online I feel more dedicated to try and help people quickly and get stuff done sooner.

I Haven't played Fierce for a while now, and I can be more active than most other staff members and I feel if I were to join I could moderate my timezone when I'm playing Fierce, I'd see people hacking or being toxic in chat because they know that no staff members are online at 9-10 my time. I could help moderate these times and keep the server clean when other staff are at school or sleeping and work up the ranks of Moderation.

I also think I could bring a good personality with knowledge over staffing. I want to dedicate my time to having fun with other Fierce staff members but also making sure the server is at it's best if I'm online. I'm very active, mature and dedicated and feel I'm the right fit and could honestly bring many things to Fierce and try to improve the server as much as I can.

Another reason I want to become staff is that I see potential in the Network and all its game-modes, I want to join the team and see where the server is in around six months. Who knows where it would be, but I hope if I do get accepted and stay as staff that I get treated like I want to be treated, and I am respected by other staff and players.

Some staff might be afraid of risking freezing different factions and might think they are doing something wrong, but I know I learn from making mistakes, but I won't ever be afraid of freezing players if I think they're cheating no matter what. I believe whatever I do I did my best and tried my hardest.

I want to become staff to grow, moderate and clean out the cheaters on the server and make it a better place for everyone involved.

Why should we accept you over other applicants?:
Honesty is a really big factor in being a Staff Member. If you’re honest, it makes trust with others which is a good factor. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve lied to people before. It hurts for me to lie to people though. It bothers me for days if I lie to someone that I like. If I make any sort of mistake, I’ll admit that it was me. I’ll never lie about it and blame someone else. I’ll always be honest to anyone and everyone.


I would say that I’m a pretty friendly guy to anyone. Being friendly is a pretty big factor in being Staff. If you’re mean and not friendly why would somebody want to be friends with you? That's why being friendly to anyone and everyone is a special thing. If you talk to someone they’re most likely going to go off of your first impression. There are some Staff Members that when someone makes them mad, they go full Satan mode on them. I don’t do that, I calm myself in that situation. I’m not trying to say that I don’t get angry but I know how to control my anger. For example, if I’m playing Valorant or something that revolves around that, I control myself. I don’t get mad and hit my desk or scream.


I would say that being able to Record is almost a necessity in being a Staff Member. I think that if you want to be a Staff Member you need to record yourself In-Game. I am capable of recording everything that I do on the server. So that I will have proof if I need to punish someone.


I think that dedication is in everything you do. This can be in a Video Game or even in Real Life. You need to have this ability in life if you want to get somewhere. I will do everything to achieve my goal. I will dedicate my days to the FiercePvP server.


In my head, Responsibility is really important to have. You need to be responsible for any situation. If they break the rules, I’m most likely going to have to punish them. It doesn’t matter who they are. Even if he's a high rank, I'm still going to punish them the same. I’m going to treat everyone the same. I’m not going to bully some guy that is a No Rank and doesn't have the money for a rank. It won’t matter, everybody’s the same.


In my opinion, Criticism is just advice. Just like in Real Life at Boot Camp, the Instructors will scream at you. They don’t scream at you to make you mad or sad, they do it for the better of you. I take it as advice to become better and never take it to heart. Some people take Criticism to their heart. They’ll get sad because they feel like they're not good enough. If I get Criticism from a higher up, I’ll take it as Advice not them trying to be mean to me.


I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to Staff in General.


I would say that I’m mature. There are most definitely more mature people out there. As you know I’m 17. If you do accept me, I’ll show you that I can handle myself. Like I also listed in my old application I’m not rude or robotic when it comes to helping a person. Adding on to why I think I’m a mature person is

Like I listed above somewhere, I always acknowledge my mistakes. I never blame others for what I did wrong. I rarely get mad. Even if other people insult me, I won’t insult them. No matter how angered I am. I will never blame somebody else and risk them getting in trouble for something I did. Also, I try and listen to others with consideration. When others give me their side of the story, I always try to consider it. Because If I was in their shoes, I would want them to do the same for me. My goal as Staff would be to try to set a good example for others.


I would say that being active is a good skill in being a Staff Member. If you’re never going to log onto the server, then what’s the point of even being a Staff Member. I can guarantee you that I can be on double or even triple the hours I normally am on. I also love being on the server helping the players that just joined the server. Like I listed somewhere above in my application, I love responding to any questions that are asked.


Staffing on a massive server isn’t going to be the easiest thing ever, and I understand that. A lot of people are going to try to manipulate you in a lot of ways. I know how to watch what I say. When I say this I know how to not start anything that can get a big argument going.

Additional Information:
I know a lot of factions that player powers and squads as well I could make a chat and get leaders that I know and get them to join and bring their factions to the server bringing more people and a more active player base. I also have 1.12k subs and am looking forward to recording a staff series for my viewers
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