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Ultra rank suggestions

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What is your IGN?

What is the suggestion?

Just a few things to add to ultra such as:
Higher queue priority than partners
Being able to talk while chat is muted
Only ultra be able to /rename (and fix bugs <3)
Maybe a special prefix? (not 100% sure on that one)
Include the kits "2020" "Spring"

No Give aways for ultra

How can we improve on this?

Add them :)

Additional Information
People pay a lot of money for this rank and would expect to have all of the best kits and commands, even higher than partner!


Staff Member
Decent idea.. however,

I don't think higher queue priority than partners is necessary. (Maybe they could just make the queue priority the same, so partners can't skip you atleast)

The price on this rank would have to be pretty high though.
Not open for further replies.